Dear Gender,

It’s not you, it’s me and 1.4 million other Americans, in this letter I hope we can find some middle ground.

The words “he, she, him, her”, did not exist before our society. ‘Female’ and ‘male’, the genders we identify with today, weren’t carefully discovered by an archeologist, physicist, biologist, or Einstein; they were constructed by us. This is precisely why we have the ability and the right to construct new ones as we learn and grow.

Imagine sitting down to paint a self portrait. You're given paints and brushes and every tool you could ever need. Then you're handed the paint-by-numbers template.You try to follow the instructions carefully. You’re trying to stay in the lines. You’re using the correct colors. But no matter how perfectly you paint each number, this template doesn’t look anything like you. It’s wrong - you’re attempting to force it to work. The closer and closer to being finished, the less and less it resembles you. Even though you’ve followed the instructions to a T. In order to get your hair and nose just right, you are forced to paint out of the lines. So, instead, you use your own colors, your own lines and you make a brilliantly colorful version of yourself disregarding the instructions given to you previously.

The finished product looks nothing like the original outlines intended, but that’s why it’s a masterpiece. Crafted by your own experience.

This is not just about the investigation into why the instructions work some and not for others. It is not just a dispute to be settled by investigation, rather, it is about whether recognizing a third gender/spectrum is useful taxonomy in describing the human cultural and mental experience.

It is not about whether you personally identify with 1.4 million Americans paintings. It’s about whether it makes sense to recognize theirs too. Are there enough of us to justify the taxonomy of a third gender? If not, than how many?

This is not about a bathroom, or genitals. It is about recognizing the human experience, and the right to identify with your own experience.

With this we Googled, “how to change The Constitution”. Just the village simpleton’s Google search. This search lead to writing a law to protect Gender Identity as Free Speech under The First Amendment and submitting it to the Attorney General as an initiative to change The Constitution.

It has since been approved to collect signatures to appear on the 2018 ballot in California.

Right now we have 1/600,000 signatures and hope to get yours too.