Let's put Gender Identity on the Constitution! Print it out! Pass it on!

We encourage you to download, print, sign, and return the following petition form. One requires standard-sized paper (8.5x11 inches), and the other requires legal-sized paper (8.5x14 inches). The petition requires double-sided printing.

Thank you for your support of the Gender Identity & Freedom Act.




  1. Send your petitions to: Gender Freedom Act, PO Box, 1270 S Alfred St, Los Angeles, CA 90035
  2. There is a front and back side of the petition form. You must print both sides of the document on a single piece of paper. Petition forms without both sides on one piece of paper will not be accepted by the state. Stapled or paper-clipped petitions are unacceptable.
  3. Unfortunately, state law does not allow us to collect digital or electronic signatures to qualify an initiative. All signatures must be wet signatures signed with a blue or black pen.
  4. Unfortunately, state law requires us to turn in the original petition forms to the Registrar of Voters' office in the county where the signatures were collected. Please do not scan or fax completed petition forms to us. They must be put into the mail with paid postage.
  5. You may be both a petition signer and the circulator on your first petition. For every additional petition you circulate, you must fill in the Declaration of Circulator with your own handwriting. Please do not type anything onto the form.
  6. As a petition circulator, you must personally witness each person adding their signature to the petition. You may not use information collected on the petition for any other reason. 
  7. Make sure that everyone who signs the petition is registered to vote. They can register to vote from their smartphone at RegisterToVote.CA.GOV. Make sure the information they use on the petition matches the information on their voter registration card - including their signature! If someone is unsure about their voter registration information, kindly ask them to take a minute and register to vote on their smartphone before signing the petition. 
  8. You have the right to circulate this petition and collect signatures on private property such as in shopping malls. If you are approached by security asking you to leave, stand your ground and refer to the 2007 decision by the California Supreme Court in Fashion Valley Mall v. National Labor Relations Board. Considering taking a copy of this ruling with you.